Dyatlov Pass | Episode 10 | Simply Strange

In February of 1959, a group of experienced hikers were camping in the Ural Mountains when something happened - something that spooked them to the point that they tore their way out of their tent and ran down a mountain in subfreezing temperatures without so much as bothering to put shoes on. When their bodies were eventually found by rescuers, it was determined that six of the hikers had died of hypothermia, while the remaining three all sustained strange blunt force injuries, similar to what would be expected in a car crash. Their deaths were eventually ruled to have been the results of "a compelling natural force."

The death of hikers at Dyatlov Pass remains one of history's most mysterious events, and speculation has run wild over the years, with theories as to what caused them to flee their tent ranging from an avalanche, to a yeti attack, to a feud between the KGB and the CIA.


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